There is a large variety of doors that can be installed for a home or business.

Bi Fold

Bi Fold doors are designed to be used in closets, pantries or as a partition between rooms. They also make excellent additions for a deck, patio or other area where you would want an easy large opening to the outdoors. Bi Fold doors come in pairs, normally either two or four doors but sometimes more depending on the design.


Not exactly a “normal” door, but still a door… These small doors are normally installed by the homeowner to easily let their pets in and out of their home. These range widely from a simple framed hole with a flap to electronically controlled doors that only allow your pet through because of their coded collar.


Entry doors are the most important door in a home. They are the door everyone sees when they enter the home and often are accompanied by sidelites and transoms. They come in either single or double doors. Our entry units are built by hand to your specifications by our gifted craftsmen. Entry door units are made from steel, fiberglass or wood and always have a solid core for security reasons.

Exterior / Storm

Exterior doors are solid or hollow doors that are designed to weather the harsh environment and are used wherever a door connects to the outside of a home. These doors are used to create entry units (see above.) Common options include weatherstripping, thresholds and fire ratings (see fire doors below for more information.) Storm doors can also be installed over an exterior door with options such as shutters, windows, screens, etc.

French / Patio

French doors are used between rooms or as a large door unit opening to a patio or balcony. They swing open and are normally made with large windows and elegant designs.

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